The Youtube Hack Guide: Get 1k Subscriber & 4k Hour Watch Time | Best Guide to Grow Youtube Channel

Are you Searching google for how to get 1k subscriber and 4k watch time on YouTube then definitely you are a YouTube, or you are planning to start your YouTube channel, or you have already started your YouTube channel.

if it so, then my friend, you are a right place, because after reading this post you don't have to search anything else of google.

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Hello friends, 

Welcome to The TechVigyaan Blog.

Today in this post, I will tell you about some of  the best tips that will help in ranking your channel and increase the watch time and subscribers of your channel. 

The most important thing is that if you come to YouTube by watching someone or motivated by some 
video, please do not waste your time. 

Wait wait… I am not demotivating you here, I am just telling you not to do this while looking at someone. Because everyone feels like, put videos on YouTube and earn the money, it is not so easy. 

So if you give importance to money in the beginning, then you will get demotivated and desperate very soon.

But if you have made up your mind and you want to become a YouTuber, then… Welcome my friend…

Let's come to the point, how to rank our YouTube channel | how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube channel | How to get 4000 hours of watch time.

So let's look at some important tips given below in the post.

Follow These Important Youtube SEO Tips: -  

1. Interesting Youtube Video Title: - 
                                                         Yes, YouTube video title: The title of your video should always be interesting and must be eye catching. Write the title in such a way that the viewer have to click on the video.

Example: -

Simple non interesting Title: 

      i).  How to viral YouTube video
     ii).  Video ko Viral Kaise Kre

Interesting Video Title

     i). How to viral YouTube video | Secret Trick
    ii). Video ko Viral Kaise Kre | काश पहले ये पता होता  

How a small change forced the viewer to click on the title.(like, Click Bait)

2. Type Video Title in UpperCase: -
                              Always write the title of your video in uppercase (capital letters) or write the first letter of every word of your title in capital.

Example: -

                How To Create Youtube Channel

3. Use Channel Name in Video Title: -

                                                     Always give your YouTube channel name in your video title so that if someone searches your channel Name, then it will show your entire video in search result, This will also increase your YouTube search traffic ratio, as these ratio increases, YouTube start recommending your video to the user.

4. Use Your #ChannelName in Description: -

                                                 You have to use the hashtag of the channel name in your video description. But not more than once.

Example: - 

My YouTube channel Name is TECHVIGYAAN , so I will write it like this.

                 #techvigyaan    Or     #TechVigyaan

5. Set proper tags in Video Setting: -

                                         Write 3 to 4 #tags related to the video in the description of your video so that YouTube will get help in setting up your video category. 

In addition to the description, when you upload video, go the settings of the video add high quality tags in the tag box, as you can see in the picture below.

From where you will get these high quality YouTube tags, watch this video till end it will be helpful for you.

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6. Create Interesting & HD Thumbnail: -
                                                Thumbnail is a very important part of Youtube SEO Because the user first sees this in the YouTube search result, so it is very important to be interesting for it.

As you can see in the video above, how I have designed a thumbnail which makes the user curious about the video. 

You can create a thumbnail on your computer or laptop with msword, powerpoint or mspaint. 
And if you are a mobile user then you can use any Android / iOS app like PixArt, Snapseed, Thumbnail Maker app etc. 

You can also create interesting thumbnail design from online site. Whose links have been given below.

Online Site For ThumbNail


NOTE: - THUMBNAIL resolution must be 1280 x 720 pixels.

7. Quality Content Video: -
                                               It is the most important tips because if the contact is good then no one can stop your video from going viral.

Your focus should be on how to maintain the quality of the video, not on making it longer because if the content of the video is not good or interesting, then your viewers will not watch the video for long and the engagement rate of your video will reduce and badly affect your channel rating.

8. Make Video on Trending Topics: -

                                     Try to make videos on trending topics so that the chances of getting views for video are increased. To search trending topics, you can take help of Twitter, Google Trends, News or any social media. in my opinion, twitter is the best medium for searching trending topics.

9. Stop Sharing Direct Video Link: -

                                             Yes! You read it right, I am telling you not to share your video link on any social media, because your channel's External Traffic Ratio will be increased due to your direct link sharing and YouTube will treat it as a PAID TRAFFIC or Illegal traffic, and they will reject your channel monetization request.

Many of you think that by sharing the channel link or video link on Telegram, they will increase their "Subscribers" or "Watch Time". 
Excuse me, you are wrong, by doing this you will lose your channel.

Now the question is "How do we get views on video?"

You can share video link, but do not share the particular video link again and again before sharing any video link do some analysis on video in YouTube studio. See below picture.

Here in the picture you can see that the view on this video is from YouTube search. So if I share the link of this video on social media, then there will be no significant difference on the external traffic ratio.

Now you might have understood that which one you have to share and which one is not.

One more thing that many of you do "subs4subs" on Telegram and Facebook to increase subscribers of your channel, by doing it you will get your subscribers but not watch time.

A lot of users makes 20 to 30 subscribers in a day or even more,which is illegal according to the YouTube policy, whereas the impression rate of their channel is quite low, , to avoid this, you have to continuously post video on your channel and focus on the subscriber and views.

AND this "Sub4Sub" game can be played once a Month...

10. Use TubeBuddy Extension: -

                                         This tube buddy tool will surely help you to grow your channel. With the help of this tool, you can do keyword ranking, search competition, search volume analysis and create high quality tags and titles.
With its help, you can see and analyze the tags, seo rank, in the videos of other YouTuber.

I am personally using this on my youtube channel #techvigyaan, you can also install it now in your Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox and grow your channel.

Click to install : - 

Watch Video, I have shared useful information about TubeBuddy. Must Watch it would be helpful for you.

Conclusion: - 

                                     One thing for a hundred is that the more genuine you are on YouTube, the more you will benefit. Create good content and make it continuous, the channel will grow 100%.

Quality is the Key Thing Which you have to Maintain in your channel.

That's it for the today, I hope you liked the post and you must have learned something. 

Stay tuned with us for useful posts and Do Subscribe & Support Our YouTube Channel #TechVigyaan.

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