A Step-By-Step Guide : How to Create Google Analytic Tool Account Full Detail

Google Analytics Account
: Hello Friends In today's article, we are going to tell you how you can create a Google Analytics Account.

Google Analytics Account

Friends, as we all know that checking traffic on any blog is very important because it can give us an idea of ​​how much traffic is on our blog right now and how much hard work Is required to reach our target. 

Along with this, there are some other things that we should track such as where traffic is coming from our website like Social, Organic, Referral etc., similarly it is also very important to see which of our blog posts There is more traffic on the post and less on which.

Because with this we can focus on those articles which have low traffic and in this way we can make our website even better and better by analyzing all these things.

With this, many times the question comes that which tracking system should we put on our website, for this, let us tell you that there are many platforms online that provide you the facility of tracking, but Google Analytics is the best among them all. There are many reasons -

Benefits of Google Analytics Account

  • You can create a Google Analytics Account in Free.
  • Both Real Time Traffic and Day Traffic can be analyzed.
  • You can also see the traffic coming from which country or city.
  • On which post, how much traffic is coming in 1 Week, 1 Month.
  • You can also see how much traffic is coming from Organic Traffic, Referal Traffic and Social Media.
  • Audience Behavior can also be seen such as how many users are coming from 
  • Mobile, Tablet, PC / Laptop.
  • Area Wise Tracking can do like how much traffic is coming from Country, City, Language.
  • How long people are staying on your website (Average Duration) can be detected.

Why we need to use Google Analytics Account

Now the most important question comes, after all, why should we link Google Analytics account with our blog or why do we need to see traffic?

The answer to this question is to improve the website because many times we make a website, do good SEO Optimization and spend a lot, but result is not what we have expected. The reason for this is lack because there will be some deficiency in our website, due to which we are not getting such good traffic and we can improve our website by removing that deficiency like-

After knowing how much average duration is on our website, we get to know how long people are staying on our website in actual, because we cannot earn until our website has good duration, now we need to increase it There is a need to implement another Engaging System in your blog / website.

Similarly, we can know which of our posts have more traffic and on which less it shows us that people are more interested in which type of topic in our website, so that we can create more and more posts on that topic. You can also increase traffic.

How to create a Google Analytics Account

It is very easy to create a Google Analytics Account, you can easily create your Google Analytics Account by just following some basic steps like-

Step 01. Sign Up

First of all, you have to open the official website of Google Analytics and do the login through your email account.

Now a page will open on your screen where above you get the option of Signup. You click on the button of that signup.

Step 02. Website or Mobile App

After signing up, a page will be open on your screen like the image given above, here first you have to tell whether you want to create a Google Analytics Account for your website or for Mobile App, as most people website. If we use Google Analytics, then we will also setup an account for the website.

Therefore, first you click on the Option of the website and fill the options given below.

Step 03. Fill your Information

When you will select the option of the website on Google Analytics, then you have to fill some information related to your website like: -

Account Name: This name is only show on Google Analytics, if you want to create more than one blog then you can enter the name of your website here only or you can give any name which is easy for you to understand. For which website have you kept

Website Name: In this box you have to write the name of your website, like our website name is TechByRS, so we will write it in the same way, you should also write the name of your website here.

Website URL: Here you have to enter the URL of your website-

In addition, if you have https, then you first select https and if not, then you select http.

Industry Category: Here you have to select the category of your blog. Like Health, Beauty, Entertainment, Technology etc here you get a lot of categories but if you do not get the related category from your blog then you can also select other options.

Report Time Zone: Here you have to select your country's timezone. As we are from India, we will select India here, as soon as you select India, if you see there, now the time GMT 5: 30 India Time Automatic has been selected.

Get Tracking Id: After filling all the things, if you go to the end of the page, then you will get an option of Get Tracking Id, click on it.

Step 04: Accept Google Analytics Terms & Conditions

After clicking on the option of Get Tracking Id, now your screen will be page open for some terms and conditions of Google Analytics, you should read them well once, and Tick on the button of I Agree, Button of Done in Last. Click on

Now you have become Account Complete of Google Analytics and after Reload you will get your Google Analytics Tracking Id and Tracking Code with the help of which you can connect your website with Google Analytics.

In Conclusion of Google Analytics Account

In this way, you can create a Google Analytics Account very easily and generate your Tracking Id. Now if you have any question related to this topic, then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

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