Top 10 Best Screen Recorders App For Mac OS in 2020

Recording screen has become a common thing nowadays as most of the people use to record stuff on their systems like game plays to upload or creating a tutorial for their YouTube channel or just other professional /personal reasons. However, there is no inbuilt screen recorder that can help us in creating the recording. That means you would have to look for a third party software to capture your screen’s activities.

So, if you need to recorder Mac screen for any purpose but don’t know how to do it then don’t worry, this page is committed to eliminating this problem in your life and you would be able to choose the best screen recorder tool for Mac that suits your requirements.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of such tools available which allows you to record your Mac screen. But finding the right and the best one is the matter of concern as searching for different software and then comparing them with other, getting to know their features etc. is quite tedious and time-consuming process.

I have compiled a list of Top 10 best screen recorders for Mac. This list provides some of the best tools for recording Mac screen and makes it easier for you to choose any of them as per your need. Hence without consuming any more time lets jump to the list and explore the items in brief.

Best screen recorders for Mac OS

1. Camtasia 2

Camtasia is the most powerful software you can ever find for recording your Mac screen. It’s layered layout and straight forward working process makes it really easy for its users to operate it. You will be glad to know that Camtasia 2 not only allows you to record the Mac screen but you can perform some other tasks too such as video editing and mixing.

So, your video tutorial will be more interactive and impressive at the same time as this software provides you a great number of visual effects which can make the video more visually appealing. And guys, you must have heard about the Green screen which has been used in film editing for many years. For your surprise, Camtasia also contains green screen feature using which you can add just anything to your video and even yourself like it was really a part of the video.

2. Screen Flow

The next great tool for screen recording for Mac is Screen Flow. It is one of the best screen recording tools. It contains all the necessary feature to provide a great experience. Though it is packed with wonderful features, but the great thing about this software is its ease of use and a user-friendly interface.

Screen Flow not only allows you to record the Mac screen but you can even connect iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. to the Mac and record their screen too. This is a great, innovative and very helpful feature. Well, there is more to know. The software also has motion control. With this feature, you can zoom on a particular part of the video if you would like to draw more attention to it. The recordings are of HD quality.

3. Quick Time Player

As a Mac user, you must be aware of the Quick Time Player. It is the default video player in Mac. But you would be surprised to know that Quick time player is not only for watching videos but you can also record your Mac screen using this default video playing tool.

Open Quick time player and then go to file> new screen recording. It is quite easy to start recording the screen. The tool also allows you to select the particular area of the screen if you do not wish to record the whole screen. It automatically saves the recording in .mov format which is compatible to play in all the iOS device but you will need to convert it to the compatible format for playing the recordings on other devices such as Windows PC, etc. Also, you can modify the sound quality of the recordings. But it is good for you if these things don’t bother you.

4. 8K Player for Mac

If you want a high quality, feature-rich tool to record our Mac screen then 8K Player for Mac is the best option for you. This software enables you to record anything on your Mac screen. Whether you need to record game play for or want to record the screen for your next tutorial video for YouTube channel, you can record them all with 8K Player.

The software records sound from the Mic and the system’s sound to create those interactive and great quality videos. Not only for recording but you can also create GIF from the part of the videos to share them on social media or with your friends. Also, it’s a video player so you can watch movies and series on it too. The output recording is saved in HD MP4 format which you can also play on other devices. So, it’s a great choice to opt for recording your screen.

5. Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro X is a light-weight software which serves the purpose of recording your Mac’s screen. This software is specially designed for the screen recording so it contains all the relevant features and excludes other unnecessary features. So, if you are looking for a dedicated software for screen recording, you can consider this one.

It enables you to select the desired area of the screen and you can even resize the box as per your requirements. Another great feature provided by Snapz Pro X is that it lets you preview the recording so that you can make sure that which part of the screen you want to capture. The software is paid tool and but cheaper than many others in the list. Also, you can try it before purchasing just to make sure if it fulfills your need or not.

6. Snagit

Snagit is another product from the same developer who developed Camtasia. This is the ideal tool for those who want simple and basic environment and just want to capture the screen and do not need advanced features.

It allows you to capture stills as well as the videos. This software also provides Scrolling Capture. This feature is quite handy for taking screenshots of long web pages which is very helpful for many purposes. Import videos from your mobile and edit them as it also provides basic editing features to enhance our videos. After you are done recording and editing the videos you can instantly share them on different platforms. This tool is paid.

7. Jing

Jing is another simple yet effective tool for video recording. Though it is not as fancy as others but serves the screen recording purpose perfectly. You can capture the images or record the screen activities with Jing. Capture the Mic sound to create how-to tutorials, it is a really good platform. But the drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t support system sound recording. The plus point is that it’s a free tool so if you don’t need to record system’s sound then Jing is the one you should try.

8. Screencast-o-Matic

Screencast-o-matic is different from other screen recording tools. It is an online service so you don’t need to download and install any tool or software on your system. The only thing you need to do is install a launcher which required by the tool and start recording your screen anytime.

Though the tool is totally free to use there are some limitations in the free version such as you can only record up to 15- minute recording with 720p resolution. But if you want to record for a longer duration then you can purchase the membership for Pro version. The Pro version not only provides limitless recording but you can also edit the video in real-time, record system audio and so on.

9. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft is an easy to use software which lets you capture the Mac screen, record the mic input and the system sound too to create the perfect videos. You can record the whole screen or choose the specific area to be recorded or you can just record using your camera.

After recording the screen you can also convert videos to different formats just to make them compatible for other devices. Unfortunately, it only enables you to record up to 3 minutes only and also adds watermark to the video.

10. Mono Snap

You can also record your Mac screen using Mono Snap. This tool is a freeware and allows you to record Mac screen with mic audio and the system’s sound. You can also edit images and directly share the recorded videos with your friends. So, it is a decent tool and offers all the needed features required for recording the Mac screen.

Wrap Up: 
These were the some of the best tools for recording Mac screen. Each one is a little different than others in terms of features and pricing. Choose the one that fits your requirements. Let us know your experience via comments.

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