What is Internet | Full meaning of Internet

The Internet is the largest computer network in the world. Actually it is a "Network of Networks" that connect many government, private, corporate, insurance, health center computer network all around the world.

Word "Internet" is the combination of two words "Inter" & "Net", Inter comes from Interconnected and Net comes from Network.

Most of the user have misconception about Web and Internet, that both are same. but it is not true. Because Internet is a network which provide more than hundred of service to the user(eg. email, www, download, upload, ftp, etc), and web (www) is one of them. So now you know that 
both web and Internet are different.

History of Internet

  • Initially in 1969, ARPANET [Advanced Research Project Agency Network] was connected four major computers at universities in the southwestern US (UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, UCSB, and the University of Utah).

  • The internet started with four nodes in 1969, and became 1000 nodes in 1984, nowadays more than 200 million nodes in the internet.

  • In India, Internet was publicly introduced in 15th August 1995 in Mumbai by VSNL(Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited).

  • It's almost 25 year in India, with highest internet subscriber over 627 million. 

Father of Internet

When I asked to students who is the Father of Internet, then some replied Vinton G. Cerf and some replied Tim Burners Lee

Let me tell you some major invention in the field of Internet which changed our life completely and of course Internet too.

  • TCP/IP = Inventor of TCP/IP is Vinton Grey Cerf(Father of Internet) 1983                     with (Robert Elliot Kahn also known as "Bob Kahn").

  • FTP       = Inventor of FTP is Abhay Bhushan in 1971 before TCP/IP.

  • Email    = Inventor of Email is Raymond Samuel Tomlinson in 1971.

  • WWW   = Popular as "web" was invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1989.

  • HTML    = also invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1980 

Services of Internet

Now is time of some internet services that we can use during internet surfing.
  • Email  :

    One of the most useful & popular service of internet which is used to send messages on internet. People also used email marketing services , email hosting services for advertisement.

  • Telnet :

    Used to log on to the remote computer on internet.

  • VoIP   :

    VoIP services allows user to call cross internet.

  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat):

    IRC services allows people to communicate in real time.

  • Instant Messaging:

    Allows real time chat to user.

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

    Help users to transfer file over network.

  • Gopher:

    Allow to search,display and retrieve document file on remote site.

  • Archie:

    It is a database which helps user to search file by its name.

  • WWW (world wide web):

    it is most popular service of internet, which help user to access document spread over the internet with their Unique URL.

  • Video Conferencing:

    With the help of it users can communicate by two way audio-video transmission with the help of telecommunication technology.
Hope you get enough knowledge about internet and its services. if you have any doubt and question, please comment us below. 

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