How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic in Windows

If your Hard Drive partition become dynamic disk volume, what should we do to convert dynamic disk to basic? Here is the solution..

3 Situation When Hard Disk turn into Dynamic disk

1. If you want to create a new partition, when there is already four partition o
n MBR disk then creating a new partition will turn your HDD into dynamic.

2. On non-system disk, if you want to extend a partition on basic disk and there is no free space. At this time, if a dynamic disk exists, extending partition will convert basic disk to dynamic disk.

3. By clicking the option "Convert to Dynamic Disk", Accidentally or intentionally.

How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic disk in Windows

Step 1. You will need to download EaseUs Partition Master any Full Version.

Step 2. Now Open EaseUs Partition Master.

Step 3. Now Select and Right click on the Disk that is Dynamic.

Step 4. Choose Convert to Basic and wait For Process Done then click OK. 

Step 5. Now click "Execute Operation 1" Option and click Apply then click OK.

After Restarting EaseUs Partition Manager finalize conversion, And System will restart again n boot to Desktop screen.

Step 6. Now You can see that Dynamic Disk converted to Basic Disk.

Hope You got the whole Process, if you have any query or suggestion do comment us.

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