How to convert Audio/Video File to text Free Quickly

Hello Friends,Today in this post i'm going tell you how to convert an audio to text or how to convert video to text without any software such as "Dragon speech recognition". 
If You are Freelancer or working in Office where transcription is the main part of your job such as transcribe an interview or transcribe audio to text. Basically it is important for journalist who have to transcribe an interview or speech in very short period of time. So, Let's Read and Learn how to transcribe accurately......

How to transcribe audio to Text automatically

Requirement :

1. Virtual Audio Cable Software.(Mus)                Click Here

2. Good Internet Connection.

3. A cup of Coffee....

Now Follow Below Steps:

1. Download, Extract and Install VB-Audio Virtual Software.

2. Now set Your playback Device, right click on speaker icon in Taskbar.

By Doing this You will not be able to listen any sound from speaker.
After transcription you can set speaker as Default in playback Option.

3. Now Open SpeechLogger site or search Web Speech API in Google.
    which ever You like.

                               Picture: SpeechLogger site interface

                                  Picture: Web Speech API Interface

4. Now Play Your Audio/Video file in player or Online From Youtube.

5. You can also choose your text language. means if your audio/video file is in Hindi/English voice then choose Hindi/English.

6. Then Click on "Mic" Icon to start Transcription.

7. And You are Done!!!.

So That's the end From My side, hope you got all the process very well. Still have any doubt or Query ...comment us.

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