The Easy Step Guide : How to Backup Bookmarks in Firefox

Today in this post i'm going to explain how to backup bookmarks in Firefox.

You can do this by simply Press "ctrl+shift+B" or By manually click on bookmark option on right side of the URL bar.


After click on Bookmark Button.You will see below list. Click on bookmark option.

Then Click on "show all bookmarks" option in the bottom of the list.

After that You will see below window. click on import and backup button.

and choose "Backup" option to save bookmarks in .json file. 

Or choose "Export bookmark to HTML" to save in html file.

After saving bookmarks in html or .json file. You can use then to import or restore your bookmarks in another browser or in Same firefox browser.
For Importing bookmarks, follow these same step but at the place of "export" and Backup option. Choose restore and import bookmark from html.

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