Dream TV v3.2.17 APK is Here !

This android app offers the service to watch movies and tv shows both old and new. This App scrapes the internet for the sources and allows the user to watch their favorite movie or tv shows.

When testing the apk the links seems to scrape fast maybe just a little slower than apk,s such as cinema but I’m sure this will get better with further updates.

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As of writing the apk is 100% ad-free so this a bonus and it means 99% of the time if we have an update we should have no need to uninstall because the update should override old versions with each update.

We are also able to add and use subtitles with this movie and tv apk. As far as I know, there is no chrome cast support just yet but it is coming to the apk soon in future versions. I find with this apk we are best to use the MX player which seems to work very well and is now the default player to choose. 

I was searching for some old movies such as home alone and the app seems to find plenty of sources and working links. It is always good at pulling in sources from newer titles.

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