The Quick Beginner Guide : How to use android Phone as Microphone | Wo Mic 2020 [Updated]

Use Your SmartPhone as Mic in PC

- Are you planing to buy Mic for PC/Mac.
- Or Your mic just stop working in between something.
 If so then this article is for you.

Let's Start... You can Do so with the help of WO Mic Application.


WO Mic can turn your phone to be a microphone for your computer. You need not to pay any single cent to buy any gadget.You can use it for voice chatting, recording, and recognition.It has nearly unnoticeable lag, just like REAL microphone devices!
It offers connection between PC and Android phone can be via Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi. With Mac, only Wifi is supported. 

Main features:
- Wireless microphone without any cost
- Can be used with any programs on PC just like REAL microphone
- Very short lag
- Easy to configure and use
- Supports auto re-connection when your PC reboots
- Support multiple connection methods: WiFi, Bluetooth and USB
- Audio format: 48000 sampling rate, 16 bits per sample, mono channel 

How to setup apk and Application

Step 1. Choose transport to connect your phone and computer

a). USB transport: 

                                -  You need to Enable USB debugging on Android phone
                                -  Install USB driver on computer
b). Bluetooth:

                                -  Please bond your phone with computer if you haven't done that.
                                -  Turn on Bluetooth on both phone and computer.
c). Wifi: 

                                -  Turn on Wifi on both phone and computer and connect them to                                           same hotspot.

Step 2. Start server on phone

-  Launch WO Mic app on phone.
-  In app Settings, choose the transport you intend. Leave other options as default.
-  Back to main UI and click Start on to start the server.
-  If it prompts not enough permission;

    (goto to menu>>setting>>WO mic>>permission>>tap on microphone to allow)

Once the state changes to Started or Connectable, the server is ready to accept connection request from client.

Step 3. Connect from client on computer

On Windows, operations are:

-  Launch WO Mic Client
-  Select Connection -> Connect...
-  In transport dialog, select same transport as you did on phone in step 2
-  Specify target app device corresponding to selected transport:
                    - Wifi          -   Enter the IP address shown on app main UI
                    - Bluetooth -  Select the phone Bluetooth name in the drop down list
                    - USB  (easy & recommended)
-  Click Ok.

Once client shows to be connected, you can choose WO Mic as the microphone device.

Video Tutorial : -

Issue with digital signature of driver 

 - Some of the user Facing issue with virtual driver.
 - For them, Install driver from below link. 
 - After Installation, Restart PC.

Download Virtual Device Driver Signed - Click Here

Recommended Software: -

Client on PC     :   Windows WO Mic client program  
Driver on PC    :   Windows WO Mic virtual device driver

App on phone  :   PlayStore | IOS App or Direct apk Wo Mic Apk for Mobile

USB Driver       :   Download

That's It.... Now you are good to go!!!!


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