Amazon & Flipkart Flash Sale 100% Working Script Trick to AutoBuy

How to buy Mobile in Amazon & Flipkart Flash Sale?

It is really frustrating to buy mobile in Amazon or Flipkart Flash Sale, because there are lot of buyers waiting for the flash sale to buy product from Amazon & Flipkart. It’ll be a bit tougher to get one for you. Because, though the demand is high, stocks will be limited. So, you really need to be fast to grab a Samsung Galaxy M3 or Redmi Note 7 pro or Realme 3 or any product from the flash sale. So, I have added the simple Amazon & Flip kart Flash sale script and trick which you can use easily to buy the phone without any extra effort and waiting for next sales.

Will I get my phone in this Flash Sale!!
and the Answer is BIG YES. But How?

Simply follow below steps to do so -

1. First of all, go to the Amazon or Flipkart flash sale product page.

2. Then click on the Notify Me button.

3. Synchronize your PC time with internet time :-
    Clock > Adjust Date/Time > Internet Time > Change Settings >
    Tick on Synchronize with an Internet time server > Ok.

Now your PC and the flash sale timings are set properly to same time & date.

Now, On the Samsung Galaxy M3 or Redmi Note 7 pro Flash Sale Date, 4 - 5 minutes before the sale - visit the Samsung Galaxy M3 or Redmi Note 7 pro product page from where you want to place the order.

!!Here is the Main Trick!!

Now in Your Browser(Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) –

1. Google Chrome 

2. Mozilla FireFox

      In Firefox Before pasting You Have to type "allow pasting" in console.

Right click > Inspect Element > Console > Paste the flash sale script given below > Press enter.

    var jq = document.createElement(‘script’);
    jq.scr = “”;
    setInterval(function(){ jQuery(“button:eq(1)”).trigger(‘click’);
    console.log(‘Working…’); },10);

Now, this Amazon & Flipkart flash sale script will start clicking the "Add to Cart" button once in every 10 milliseconds which is really very fast.

At the time it will be done automatically, you can also open a new window and try to grab the phone from flash sale by manually doing it.

Once the phone is added to your cart, place the order quickly.

That’s it. Done!!!

Comment if its works 4 U.

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